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Why choosing Cargo Care?

Cargo Care is a boutique company, providing logistics and forwarding solutions, which are perfectly tailored to your needs.
Cargo Care enables its customers to enjoy an optimal service performance while minimizing their expanses.
With over 10 years of experience, Cargo Care has the best vendor arsenal in the forwarding and logistics domain (Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Courier companies, Local forwarding companies, TPL and more).

Based on these vendors Cargo Care can offer its customers the option of outsourcing their logistics activity, while saving time and money. Most importantly Cargo Care' customers enjoy an outstanding level of service and performance in the area of forwarding and logistics.
Cargo Care team provides a comprehensive forwarding solution, carried out with the most efficient and economic approach. We offer the optimal service with excellent timing and at the most compatible prices in the market. We prepare the bill of lading, track the shipment and ultimately make sure it gets to any desired destination on time.

Cargo Care team is available 24/7 and is attentive to your unique business needs.

Why is it worthwhile?

When a company has a small to medium volume of logistics activities its ability to negotiate and gain good prices from the logistics vendor is relatively low (Based on Supply and Demand). Up to now you have probably received a minimal discount, if at all, from the forwarder or from the courier company. The level of expectation was similar for both sides (Since both sides knew its counterpart size and competences).
This is the way deals were carried out.

With Cargo Care things are different.

We receive the most affordable prices from first class vendors of forwarding and logistics (One company incorporating many companies in an outsourcing agreement). We can market at prices that are 15% to 30% lower than your current payment. Under the circumstances the low supply and demand is beneficial for you.

The most important point is that we take care of the whole logistics process from A to Z without an additional cost.

A Win-Win situation for everybody

The companies that choose Cargo Care services gain logistics and forwarding exceptionally low prices that only large companies could have enjoyed up to now. Our service performance is outstanding and tailored for our costumers' special needs. The forwarders receive from Cargo Care a higher volume of shipments, one POC for money collection, personal connection and a deep sense of commitment.

We will do everything to ensure that you are given the highest level of service and fulfillment of your logistics needs. We are committed to respond and find a solution to anything that happens in your company. Finally, and most of all, we are obligated to being there for you.

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